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We are a 100% local, full service property management and real estate development company serving Tucson for over 30 years!

Property Management

Established in 1982, Peach Properties first acquisition was an apartment building in Tucson, AZ. Over the next 17 years the company grew as it competed with national firms to win large-scale management contracts across five Western states. During this period Peach Properties maintained a portfolio of 2,000-5,000 residential units. In 2000, all out of state properties under their management were sold to Japan’s largest residential management company, Housemate Kanari, in Tokyo, Japan. Following this transaction, Peach Properties emerged with a new re-focused business model for both residential and commercial property management. Peach Property’s business strategy is:

  • Management of properties in close proximity to the central office (no more than 5 miles).
  • Management of properties with no more than 20 units.
  • Properties without on-site staff.

The philosophy of being in close proximity to properties in combination with extensive experience and outstanding market knowledge has resulted in Peach Properties ongoing success.


Over the past 20 years, under the strong leadership of owner Ron Schwabe, Peach Properties has been a key factor in the growth and popularity of downtown, helping to make it one of Tucson’s most desirable destinations for business, living and recreation. Brick by brick, Ron has continued to pursue his grand vision for his community by giving new life to countless landmark properties. To date, Peach Properties contributions to downtown Tucson include:

  • Invested over $50 million
  • Added 340 residential units
  • and 300,000 square feet of commercial to Downtown Tucson
  • Creating over 270 full-time jobs.


Ron Schwabe


Ron Schwabe began his development and management career in the 1980’s in Portland, OR. The company quickly expanded to managing over 5,000 units across 5 states. Ron’s affinity for restoring buildings and his love for Downtown Tucson has made an impact in the resurgence of downtown and its surrounding neighborhoods. Ron enjoys exploring Tumamoc Hill.

Jeanne Tolin


Jeanne Tolin has been with Peach for over 30 years. She started as an assistant and worked her way up to Designated Broker/ Vice President. We call her the “Google of Peach Properties” with over 30 years experience in property management. Jeanne loves shopping at local stores on Congress St.

Patricia Schwabe


Patricia Schwabe has over 20 years of business experience in real estate and as a small business owner in Tucson, AZ. Patricia is responsible for leasing properties to many tenants including Providence Corporation, Summit Funding, Yoga Oasis, Cartel Coffee, Tap and Bottle, and Exo Coffee. Her favorite spot downtown is, her very own restaurant Penca!

Benjamin Schindler


Benjamin Schindler is our soft-spoken and artistic, commercial and apartment building property manager. He returned home from the East coast and has been working in property management for 7 years with 15 years of development and sales experience. Benjamin has a serious Cartel, cold-brew addiction.

Nicole Holodynski

Nicole comp1

Nicole Holodynski is our always smiling and ever ready single family property manager. You may have talked to her on the phone and she likely made your day better. You can find her on the patio of Johnny Gibson’s Market most days.

Soleil Schwabe

Soleil redux oct 2015

Soleil Schwabe is Peach Properties Business Development Project Manager.  With almost 2 years under her belt in property management and development she is a proud Peach.  Her favorite thing about Downtown Tucson is walking down Congress every morning on her way to the office.

Chris Leighton

Chris Leighton Portrait

Chris Leighton has spent most of his career working on Downtown Tucson Revitalization.  While working for the City of Tucson for 26 years he created the City’s parking program, the business improvement district, and Rio Nuevo in order to develop the basic infrastructure needed for a city to succeed.  He built the majority of the […]

Samantha Oviedo

Samantha Portrait

Samantha has been a great addition to the Peach Team, she was born and raised in Tucson and loves working downtown!  You’ve likely spoke with her on the phone or stopped by to see her in the office! She always has a positive attitude with a smile on her face.  If you’re ever having a […]

Erica Maynes

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