6th Street and 7th Avenue

Fully Leased

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One of Peach Properties’ most recent restoration projects is the King Warehouse, located at 510 N. 7th Ave. in Tucson’s historic Warehouse Arts District. The building, which was formerly the location of Star Auto Parts in the 1940’s and 50’s, has been transformed into 16,000 square feet of urban commercial loft spaces. This new mixed-use project is the seventh building completed by Peach Properties in the Warehouse Arts District since 1985.

The name alludes to our sandy loam soils, our connection to the cosmos, and the infinite calculations required to create a true wine that expresses the very sand into which our vines’ roots grow deep.

A tattoo studio that blurs the line between tattoos and art.

Fresh. Artisan. Daily. Popcorn Awesomeness Created in Small Batches with NO Artificial ANYTHING!